Baby Socks (Milk Bottle)


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The Baby Socks featuring a charming Milk Bottle design are a delightful and practical accessory for the baby. These socks come in a warm, taupe shade, evoking a sense of comfort and simplicity. Each sock is embellished with an adorable milk bottle appliqué, complete with a friendly smile and the word ‘milk’ playfully scripted across it.

The socks are crafted with a gentle, stretchable fabric that ensures a snug fit, keeping the baby’s feet cozy. The ribbed cuffs extend a little higher to provide extra warmth, making them suitable for cooler days or air-conditioned environments.

Attention to detail is evident in the design, with the milk bottle’s embroidered smile and rosy cheeks adding a dash of joy to the baby’s ensemble. The non-slip details on the sole are practical for the baby’s safety as they begin to take their first steps or move around in their crib.

As a selection for baby gifts, these Milk Bottle Baby Socks are both adorable and functional, sure to be appreciated by parents. They are also an excellent choice as gifts for newborns, wrapping the little one’s feet in comfort and cuteness.

The design of these socks reflects a whimsical playfulness while serving the practical purpose of keeping tiny toes warm. They are more than an everyday essential; they are a fun addition to the baby’s growing collection of clothing.

Material: 75.5%Cotton, 22.8% Nylon, 1.7% Spandex
Size: 0 to 6 month