Muslin Swaddle Blanket (Feathers)


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The Muslin Swaddle Blanket (Feathers), featuring a feathers print, occupies a unique position in the realm of newborn gifts. Made from a blend of 70% bamboo fiber and 30% cotton, the material strikes a balance between durability and softness. The composition is particularly gentle on an infant’s skin, thereby making it a popular choice for baby showers and a frequent selection in lists of newborn gift ideas.

The blanket offers generous dimensions of 120 cm by 120 cm, providing ample space for secure and comfortable swaddling. These dimensions also contribute to the blanket’s versatility, as it can serve various functions beyond swaddling, such as a nursing cover or a stroller cover. This multi-functionality adds to its value within the broad category of baby gifts.

Adding to the product’s appeal is the specific washing instruction, recommending hand-washing in water below 30℃. This guidance not only preserves the longevity and quality of the fabric but also maintains its hypoallergenic properties. These maintenance instructions address the practical requirements that new parents often seek, enhancing its status as a useful newborn gift.

The feathers print contributes an element of aesthetic sophistication, elevating the blanket from a purely functional item to a visually pleasing object. The design complements its practical utility, making the Muslin Swaddle Blanket (Feathers) a noteworthy option among newborn gifts, whether one is attending a baby shower or seeking newborn gift ideas.

Material: 70% Bamboo Fiber, 30% Cotton
Dimensions (cm):  120 by 120
Washing Instruction: Hand-wash in water below 30℃