Under The Tree Cloth Book


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Come and play with the five cute animals under the tree and learn some rhyming words with this soft and interactive cloth book.

The Under The Tree Cloth Book is an enchanting fabric storybook that brings a forest-themed narrative to the baby’s hands. Crafted with a focus on stimulating the baby’s developing senses, this book is a delightful addition to the baby’s daily playtime.

The cover of the book features a whimsical illustration of forest animals sitting together under a tree, rendered in a charming, illustrative style. The animals are dressed in friendly, human-like clothes that add a touch of whimsy to the book’s design, captivating the baby’s imagination.

As the baby flips through the pages, they are introduced to a series of engaging scenes, each depicting the animals in various activities, from playing instruments to enjoying the shade of the tree. The illustrations are colourful and lively, with a variety of patterns and details that are visually stimulating and encourage prolonged focus and attention from the baby.

The book is crafted from a combination of soft and textured fabrics, which are inviting to the touch. Each page offers a different tactile experience, from the smoothness of the animals’ faces to the varied textures of their clothing. This range of sensations is designed to encourage the baby’s tactile exploration and to enhance their sensory development.

In addition to the visual and tactile stimuli, the book incorporates a teething corner, equipped with a chewable, BPA-free ring and soft, fabric tags. The ring features contrasting black and white beads that are not only safe for teething but also provide visual contrast, further aiding in the baby’s visual development.

The Under The Tree Cloth Book is durably constructed to withstand the exploratory play of infants. The edges are securely stitched, and the book’s soft padding ensures that it is safe for the baby to handle, squeeze, and even sit on during their playtime adventures.

This cloth book is lightweight and portable, making it an ideal choice for engaging the baby while travelling or out on walks. It can easily be attached to a stroller or car seat, thanks to its flexible loop, ensuring that it can accompany the baby wherever they go.

Overall, the Under The Tree Cloth Book is a wonderful gift for storytelling and sensory play. It provides a charming and interactive way to introduce the baby to the joy of books and the natural world, fostering early cognitive development in a playful and engaging manner.

Dimensions (cm): 19 by 19