Wooden Crocodile on Wheels


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The Wooden Crocodile on Wheels is an engaging toy that offers a playful take on mobility and sensory exploration for the baby. Crafted with a careful selection of natural woods, this toy is both robust and aesthetically engaging, designed to captivate the baby’s attention and withstand the test of time.

Featuring a playful crocodile design, the toy is characterised by its undulating body, mimicking the distinctive back of a crocodile. The tactile ridges provide an interesting surface for the baby to touch, enhancing tactile development. The crocodile’s friendly features are etched into the wood, presenting a warm and inviting character for the baby to interact with.

This pull-along toy is fitted with a set of sturdy wheels, allowing the crocodile to glide smoothly across flat surfaces. As the baby pulls the toy, the articulated body moves in a gentle, wave-like motion, adding a dynamic visual element to playtime. This movement is not only entertaining but also introduces the baby to basic principles of motion and physics.

The Wooden Crocodile on Wheels is sized for easy handling by the baby, encouraging them to pull, push, and manoeuvre the toy, which assists in the development of gross motor skills and coordination. The act of pulling the toy helps the baby with balance and coordination, making it a great companion for those first adventurous steps.

The natural wood construction ensures durability and longevity, with a simple, clean design that is free from unnecessary embellishments. The wood’s natural grain is a feature in itself, offering a contrast in textures and colours.

The Wooden Crocodile on Wheels is easy to maintain, requiring only a quick wipe to keep it clean. Its solid construction means it can be passed down to younger siblings or future generations, making it an eco-friendly alternative to plastic toys.

As a gift, the Wooden Crocodile on Wheels is both thoughtful and practical. It is a toy that encourages active play and development, suitable for birthdays, holidays, or as a special surprise. Its classic design and the enduring quality of wood make it a welcome addition to any nursery or play area.

In choosing the Wooden Crocodile on Wheels, one provides the baby with a toy that is simple yet stimulating, offering numerous benefits from sensory engagement to support for developing motor skills, all within a sustainable and safe design.