Wooden Rolling Rattle (Colourful)


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The Wooden Rolling Rattle (Colourful) is a beautifully crafted toy that combines the timeless charm of wood with a dash of colour, creating an aesthetically pleasing and developmentally beneficial toy suitable as a vibrant and attractive baby gift,.

Constructed from smooth, natural wood, this rolling rattle is designed with a cylindrical shape, allowing for easy rolling and grasping, encouraging the baby to develop their motor skills. The central wooden bars are perfectly spaced to enable small fingers to reach inside and touch the colourful beads that gently rattle and create a calming sound as the toy moves.

Each bead within the rattle is finished in a muted, pastel hue, adding a subtle touch of colour and visual interest that can help in colour recognition as the baby grows. The different sizes of the beads add variety to the visual and tactile experience, stimulating the baby’s curiosity.

The rattle’s design is simple yet effective; it does not overwhelm the baby with too many elements but instead focuses on the essential aspects of play that aid in early development. The rolling motion of the rattle is smooth, encouraging the baby to crawl or reach out, promoting physical activity and coordination.

As a baby gift, the Wooden Rolling Rattle (Colourful) is both practical and delightful. It stands out in a gift box due to its classic design and modern colour palette, making it an attractive and cherished item for both the baby and the parents.

The quality of the materials used ensures durability, allowing this toy to be passed down through generations. The wood is sanded to a soft finish, ensuring that there are no sharp edges or splinters. This rolling rattle is a versatile toy that serves multiple developmental purposes. It can be used for sensory play, as a teething aid, and as an early learning tool to introduce concepts such as cause and effect, motion, and sound.

The Wooden Rolling Rattle (Colourful) is a thoughtful choice for newborn gifts, providing a balance of educational value and entertainment. It’s a toy that supports the baby’s growth and exploration, making it a meaningful addition to any baby’s collection of playthings.

Colour: Natural wood colour with varying woodgrains. Colourful wooden balls.
Material: Rubberwood
Dimensions (cm):
10.2 by 5.6