Angel Baby Bib (Turquoise)


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The Angel Baby Bib (Turquoise) is a super cute baby bib with angel wings and it occupies a special niche in the wide-ranging arena of newborn gifts. Imbued with a serene turquoise color, the bib effortlessly blends aesthetic elegance with practical functionality. Consequently, it has become a popular choice for baby showers and a frequent recommendation on compilations of newborn gift ideas.

Constructed from absorbent materials, the Angel Baby Bib offers both comfort and effectiveness in protecting a newborn’s attire from food spills and drool. This functional feature transcends the bib from being a mere accessory to an essential item within the larger scope of baby gifts. It caters particularly to the hands-on needs of new parents, ensuring a comfortable dining experience for the infant.

With its seamless integration of aesthetic appeal and practical features, it offers an ideal solution for those in search of both immediate utility and enduring value in baby gifts, whether for baby showers or as part of newborn gift ideas.

Material: 95% Cotton
Dimensions (cm):  31 by 25
Washing Instruction: Hand-wash in warm water