Animal Kingdom Cloth Book


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A fabric-based educational toy that takes the baby on a delightful journey through a world of various animals. Designed with an array of engaging features, this book encourages sensory exploration and learning about wildlife.

Adorning the cover of the book is a charming owl with soft, touchable wings and a friendly face. This inviting character sets the tone for the book’s content, which includes a variety of animals each depicted in their natural habitats. The illustrations are simple and clear, making them easily recognisable to the baby and aiding in the development of visual recognition skills.

The book’s pages are made from a soft, durable material that is gentle for the baby to handle. As the baby turns each page, they are met with different creatures from the animal kingdom, including striped zebras and majestic elephants. The animals are accompanied by their names, introducing the baby to early word association and vocabulary development.

For tactile stimulation, the book features a range of fabric textures. The pages may include elements like a crinkly leaf or a fluffy tail, which the baby can touch and feel, enhancing their tactile awareness. These varied textures provide a hands-on learning experience and encourage the baby to engage more deeply with the content.

An auditory experience is also woven into the design. Some pages make a gentle rustling sound when touched, designed to stimulate the baby’s auditory senses and add an element of playfulness to the reading experience.

The book is designed for ease of use, with a robust ring that can be used to attach the book to a crib, stroller, or car seat. This makes the Animal Kingdom Cloth Book a versatile companion for the baby, whether at home or on the move.

Overall, the Animal Kingdom Cloth Book is a wonderful introduction to the animal world for the baby. It provides a multi-sensory experience that supports early development and fosters an early interest in wildlife and nature.

Dimensions (cm): 13 by 12.5