Baby Beanie and Mittens (Grey)


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The Baby Beanie and Mittens set in a classic grey is a cozy and essential duo for keeping the baby warm. The beanie is whimsically designed with soft ears atop, lending a playful touch to a practical piece. Both the beanie and mittens are knit from a gentle fabric, ensuring they’re soft against the baby’s skin while offering snug warmth.

The mittens are crafted to keep the baby’s hands protected from the cold and to prevent accidental scratches with their natural movements. The flexible cuffs ensure they stay on comfortably without being restrictive.

This understated set in grey is versatile, making it suitable for pairing with any outfit. The neutral tone ensures that these pieces can be a staple in the baby’s wardrobe, whether for a stroll in the park or a cozy day indoors.

As a gift, the Baby Beanie and Mittens set is both thoughtful and practical, an excellent choice for baby gifts or as gifts for newborns. This set provides the essentials for a baby’s first wardrobe, ensuring they stay warm from head to fingertip.

Beyond their practicality, the beanie and mittens serve as a charming accessory, adding a touch of sweetness to the baby’s ensemble. They are more than just necessities; they are a cozy embrace for the baby during cooler days.

Material: Cotton