Baby Pillow (Turquoise)


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The Baby Pillow in a tranquil turquoise hue is meticulously designed to deliver comfort and support for the little one. Its ergonomic shape gently cradles the infant’s head, with a central indent to ensure the baby’s head is positioned comfortably whether they are asleep or simply relaxing.

Pillow offers a cloud-like softness, perfect for the baby’s times of rest in their cot, while being taken for a stroll, or during playtime on the mat. The fabric’s tactile nature is also beneficial for the baby’s touch-based discoveries.

Outlined with a neatly sewn border, the pillow’s construction is as robust as it is visually pleasing, with the vibrant turquoise lending a calming yet lively touch to any infant’s space. The design is intentional, with a focus on providing a cozy spot for the baby, enhanced by the soothing qualities of the colour.

This Baby Pillow is an apt pick for baby gifts, serving as a functional and attractive present for newborns. It brings together the essential aspects of infant care with a refreshing splash of colour that enlivens the nursery environment.

Proportioned for infants, the pillow is a thoughtful addition to the baby’s comfort arsenal. Its versatility ensures that it can be a soothing presence for the baby in a variety of settings, offering stable support.

Embracing both utility and chic style, the Baby Pillow in turquoise is set to be a beloved element of the baby’s nurturing environment, offering a delightful combination of coziness, care, and contemporary flair, making it a treasured item in the newborn’s array of basics.

Material: Memory Foam
Dimensions (cm):
25 x 20.5 x 3