Baby Pillow (Yellow)


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The Baby Pillow in a cheerful yellow shade is carefully crafted to offer a combination of gentle support and soothing comfort for the infant. Its contoured design is purposefully created to nestle the baby’s head, featuring an impression in the center to help maintain the baby’s head in a comfortable position during slumber or while awake.

The pillow  provides a soft and cushioned surface, ideal for the baby’s rest times in a crib, stroller, or on a play mat. This choice of fabric also adds a layer of tactile stimulation, contributing to the baby’s sensory exploration.

Finished with a contrasting edge stitch, the pillow’s durability is matched by its visual appeal, with the bright yellow hue offering a warm and inviting appearance. The design is straightforward, focusing on the baby’s need for comfort while introducing a pop of colour that can brighten any nursery setting.

A practical and delightful option among baby gifts, this yellow pillow is an excellent gift for newborns, combining essential functionality with a vibrant and energetic colour that can stimulate and uplift.

The pillow’s dimensions are ideally suited for infants, ensuring it is a useful addition to the baby’s daily comfort. Its adaptable nature makes it a constant companion for the baby, providing consistent support across various restful environments.

This Baby Pillow in yellow is destined to become an integral part of the baby’s comfort collection, embodying a mix of joyful colour, comfort, and simple elegance, and is sure to be a valued and appreciated addition to a newborn’s daily life.

Material: Memory Foam
Dimensions (cm):
25 x 20.5 x 3