Baby Safe Flip Mirror


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The Baby Safe Flip Mirror is an engaging and multifunctional toy designed to encourage the baby’s curiosity and self-awareness. With its soft, padded pages and child-safe mirror, it is an excellent choice for newborn gifts, perfect for inclusion in a thoughtful gift box.

This flip mirror toy features a series of durable, fabric pages that can be turned and folded, each adorned with whimsical illustrations in gentle colours. The artwork includes friendly animal and numbers illustrations, encouraging visual recognition and numerical skills.

Central to the toy’s design is the baby-safe mirror, which is made from a non-breakable material, ensuring it can be explored with little hands without the risk of shattering. The mirror is bordered by a sturdy, soft frame, providing a safe and tactile edge for the baby to grip. This mirror encourages the baby to engage in self-discovery and can help in developing an understanding of expressions and emotions.

The Baby Safe Flip Mirror is constructed with an accordion-style fold, allowing it to stand freely. This design means it can be placed before the baby during tummy time, supporting neck strength and coordination as they lift their head to peek at their reflection.

The flip mirror is lightweight and portable, making it ideal for on-the-go entertainment. It can be easily packed into a diaper bag, taken on car journeys, or used in a stroller, offering a versatile and engaging activity for the baby no matter where they are.

As gifts go, the Baby Safe Flip Mirror stands out as a toy that combines fun, learning, and developmental benefits. It is a toy that the baby will return to time and again, discovering new ways to play and learn as they grow.

The Baby Safe Flip Mirror is not only an engaging toy but also a valuable learning aid that supports a child’s sensory and cognitive development. As a thoughtful and educational baby gift idea, it offers a novel approach to early learning, becoming a cherished part of a child’s growth journey.

Content: 10 pages (inclusive of cover and back)
Material: Cotton, Polyester, Acrylic (mirror)
Dimensions (cm): 120 by 17 (when closed), 21 by 15 by 13 (when opened)