Baby Swaddle Sleeping Bag


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Crafted with an understanding of the need for a baby’s peaceful slumber, this baby swaddle sleeping bag is designed to create a snug and secure environment that mimics the comfort of the womb. The thoughtful design features a cocoon-like shape providing ample room for the baby to move their legs freely, which is essential for proper hip development. The structure ensures a snug fit around the shoulders and a more relaxed fit lower down, allowing the baby the freedom for natural movement.

This swaddle sleeping bag is equipped with a smooth-running zipper that makes nighttime changes more manageable, reducing the disturbance to the baby’s sleep. The zipper is neatly tucked away, ensuring that it does not come in contact with the baby’s delicate skin. The trim around the swaddle features a charming stripe pattern that adds a touch of elegance to the overall simplistic design. You can also zip in both directions, making diaper change easier.

The grey melange bamboo fiber fabric is ultra soft and offers a classic look, ensuring that the swaddle sleeping bag can be a versatile addition to any baby’s collection of sleepwear. It’s a piece that pairs well with various nursery themes and styles. The colour choice is practical, masking minor stains and making it a durable option for everyday use.

This item strikes a balance between utility and aesthetics, making it an appropriate choice for gifts for newborn or as a staple in a collection of baby gifts. The material used is chosen with the baby’s comfort in mind, allowing for breathability and maintaining an even temperature throughout the night.

Whether it’s for rest at home, a stroller ride, or a car trip, this swaddle sleeping bag adapts to various settings. Its lightweight nature makes it a convenient item to pack for travels or visits to the grandparents, ensuring the baby’s sleep routine is not disrupted.

Dimensions (CM): 54 x 25 (Suitable for 0 to 3 months)
Material: Bamboo Fiber (95%), Spandex (5%)