Blush Pink Ruffle-Trimmed Romper


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The Blush Pink Ruffle-Trimmed Romper is a delightful piece of baby wear, combining comfort with a touch of elegance. Designed in a soft blush pink shade, it features a finely ribbed texture that adds depth and a tactile element to the garment. The romper is adorned with a ruffled trim around the neckline, extending over the shoulders to create a cap sleeve effect, giving it a distinctive, stylish look.

Constructed with care, the romper is designed to accommodate the baby’s movements, ensuring ease and freedom whether they are playing or resting. The bottom of the romper has snap fastenings, which are strategically placed to facilitate straightforward dressing and diaper changes, a practical feature for everyday convenience.

This romper is a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality. Its design ensures that the baby remains comfortable throughout the day, with a fabric that is gentle against the skin. The romper’s silhouette is both practical for a baby’s active lifestyle and suitable for special occasions, offering versatility in wear.

As a thoughtful piece among baby gifts, this romper is a charming choice for those seeking gifts for newborns. It presents a blend of delicate design and practicality, making it a suitable addition to a newborn’s wardrobe. The romper is an appropriate choice for a range of occasions, from casual outings to family gatherings, ensuring the baby is comfortably attired.

The Blush Pink Ruffle-Trimmed Romper is more than just an item of clothing; it’s a choice that respects the needs of a baby while embracing a graceful aesthetic. It stands out as a garment that parents will reach for time and again, appreciating its easy-care features and the delightful appearance it lends to their little one.

Suitable For: Baby’s height up to 66cm.
Material: Cotton
Colour: Dark Pink