Bunny Busy Phone


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An interactive toy that blends the charm of a classic play phone with the engaging elements of modern sensory toys. With a friendly bunny motif and a palette of bright, eye-catching colours, the toy is designed to hold a baby’s attention and stimulate their senses.

The Bunny Busy Phone features a range of buttons in various sizes and colours, producing a clicking sound when pressed, to provide auditory feedback and encourage the baby’s cause-and-effect learning. The buttons are easy to press for little hands, helping to develop fine motor skills and coordination.

An intriguing aspect of this toy is the inclusion of rotating dials and flipping switches, which not only add a tactile dimension to the toy but also enhance the baby’s dexterity and hand-eye coordination. These interactive elements are strategically sized and placed to be easily manipulated by small fingers.

Each component of the Bunny Busy Phone is thoughtfully designed to encourage explorative play and sensory discovery. The contrasting colours and various textures on the phone offer visual and tactile stimuli, which are vital for the baby’s sensory development.

This toy makes for a fitting addition to the collection of baby gifts, providing both fun and functional elements that support early childhood development. It is an engaging choice for gifts for newborn, suitable for gifting at baby showers or first birthdays.

The Bunny Busy Phone has a substantial yet manageable size, making it convenient to take along on outings or to keep the baby entertained during car rides. Its sturdy construction ensures that it can endure the rigours of playtime with active infants.

Dimension (CM): 17 x 8 (width of phone), 16 (width of silicon hands and legs)