Personalised Comfy Mini Bear


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Name embroidery is included.

The Personalised Comfy Mini Bear is a multifunctional item in the arena of newborn gifts, specifically designed to serve both as a cuddly companion and a sensory stimulant for infants. Fabricated from polyester, this plush bear weighs a mere 90 grams, providing ease of manipulation for the infant’s tiny hands. Attached to the bear is a soothing cloth, textured and coloured to cultivate the baby’s sensory awareness.

A standout feature of this product is the opportunity for name embroidery, increasing its sentimental value and making it an apt choice for baby showers or as an inclusion in newborn gift ideas. The embroidered name lends a personalised touch, thereby elevating it from a simple soft toy to a keepsake item.

Functionality is at the heart of this product’s design. The soothing cloth not only offers tactile comfort to the baby but is also optimally designed for interactive play. Parents can drape the cloth over their faces for a game of peek-a-boo, thus encouraging both sensory and emotional development in their young ones.

Measuring 50 cm in total length, the bear and its attached cloth are proportioned for easy handling and engagement by infants. With its dual focus on emotional attachment and sensory development, the Personalised Comfy Mini Bear occupies a unique niche in the broad realm of baby gifts, providing both immediate utility and lasting emotional value.

Material: Polyester
Weight (g): 
Dimensions (cm): 50 (Total length of bear and soothing cloth)