Gigantic Pop Board


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A large interactive toy designed to provide babies with a multi-sensory experience. It features a collection of silicone bubbles in a spectrum of colours, each embossed with unique textures and shapes. The toy is shaped in a user-friendly square design, complete with ergonomic grips on the sides, allowing the baby to hold and interact with the board comfortably.

Each bubble on the board can be pushed and popped, an activity that not only delights with a subtle, satisfying sound but also aids in strengthening the baby’s fine motor skills and finger dexterity. The various colours of the bubbles are selected to appeal to the baby’s developing vision, helping them distinguish between different hues and improving visual tracking.

The Gigantic Pop Board’s diverse textures, ranging from smooth to ridged, are carefully incorporated to encourage tactile exploration. This exploration aids the baby in learning about the sense of touch and differentiating between various surface patterns. Each embossed shape—be it a spiral, a star, or a simple geometric form—adds to the tactile diversity, providing the baby with a more enriched hands-on experience.

With an ample surface area, the toy encourages both individual play and interactive opportunities with caregivers. It’s a practical tool for engaging the baby in activities that foster hand-eye coordination and sensory processing.

As gifts for newborn or a staple in baby gifts, the Gigantic Pop Board is a versatile choice. It is suitable for a range of developmental stages, from a newborn grasping at the colours and feeling the textures to older babies who can actively engage with the pop-and-push mechanism.

The design of the board is not only functional but also portable. Despite its ‘gigantic’ name, it is lightweight and easily transportable, making it a perfect addition to a baby’s play area at home or as an on-the-go entertainment piece in the stroller or car.

Dimension (CM): 19.5 x 19.5