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Natasha Goh
June 12, 2024

Quality of toys are very nice! Wish there were more options to include in the boxes though

Jonathan Khor
June 11, 2024

Received as a gift. Very thoughtful and love the personalised name on the bear.

Sien Quan Sim
June 10, 2024

My number 1 go to gifts for newborn. Love the customisation and also the follow up for the gift packages!! Highly recommend

June 4, 2024

Love the gift boxes. Perfect gifts for newborns. Great quality too.

Dilshad Malhi
June 4, 2024

I adore the cute boxes you can create or buy pre-made. They make perfect gifts! Very responsive on WA as well.

Jeff Wu
June 1, 2024

My go to present for newborns!

Corinne Huang
May 29, 2024

Bought gift for friends newborn. She loved it! Kalby havs great options available for baby gift box. Some improvement areas: 1. There could be more options for mum section such as nipple shields, lactation cookies/snacks, etc. 2. If possible, add in edit function for gift box message even after box was added to cart, if not have to reselect the whole box items to amend the message.

Joshua Tan
May 21, 2024

great products, excellent gifts

Ceci Lia
May 15, 2024

nice gift !

May 1, 2024

Bought for my friend's newborn baby boy. Box looks nice with lots of option to choose from. Price is reasonable as well.

Mei Ling Gay
May 1, 2024

easy to built a box for a baby gift with nice pretty packaging

Jasmine Chew
May 1, 2024

Unique and thoughtfully designed toys! Love that I am able to mix and match the items and watch the packing process. Will buy again!

Jasmine Zhang
April 27, 2024

I bought the animal magnets and silicon shapes. Quality is not bad. Delivery is fast as well. If you are not buying it as a gift , you can opt to shop at the non gift section.

Sam Lim
April 24, 2024

hearty gift for new mums and newborns!

Dionna Tang
April 19, 2024

Discovered Kaiby box through some friends' recommendations last year and have sent it as gifts for all the new mummies in my life since. Really enjoy the careful packaging and customisability of the boxes. Packing videos also provide a lot of reassurance to what is delivered eventually!