Hedgehog Colourful Busy Board


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The Hedgehog Colourful Busy Board is a remarkable baby gift that integrates entertainment with cognitive development, making it a superior choice for baby showers and a delightful item for newborns.

This busy board features a collection of buttons in a variety of shades and textures embedded into the hedgehog’s back. Each button is sized for little hands to push and explore, encouraging the development of fine motor skills as the baby presses, twists, and manipulates them. The array of colours not only makes the board visually appealing but also helps the baby in colour recognition and differentiation.

The hedgehog’s face is adorned with a gentle smile and soft features, adding an element of friendliness to the toy. The various tactile elements on the board – from smooth to ribbed surfaces – are designed to enhance the baby’s tactile perception and provide a pleasant sensory experience.

Alongside the buttons, the busy board includes interactive elements that produce a gentle clicking sound when interacted with, offering auditory stimulation. These sounds are designed to capture the baby’s attention without overwhelming their senses, making it suitable for sensory playtime.

Constructed from durable and baby-safe materials, the Hedgehog Colourful Busy Board is sturdy and able to withstand the curiosity and enthusiasm of a baby discovering the world through play. The materials used are non-toxic and carefully chosen to ensure they are safe for the baby to touch, explore, and if they happen to, taste.

The compact design of the busy board makes it an ideal travel companion, easily fitting into a diaper bag or accompanying the baby in the stroller. This versatility ensures that the baby can have a familiar toy with them, whether at home or on the go, providing a sense of comfort and entertainment.

The Hedgehog Colourful Busy Board is more than just a toy; it’s a fun learning tool that encourages interaction and sensory exploration. It makes for a thoughtful addition to any gift box intended for a newborn, offering a gift that is both practical and playful.

Material: ABS Plastic, BPA-Free
Dimensions (cm):
16.5 by 15.5