I’d Like a Pet Cloth Book


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They say: Raising kids is like walking in the park… Jurassic Park. Let’s meet the cute dinosaurs with this soft and colourful cloth book.

The “I’d Like a Pet” Cloth Book is perfect for newborns and as a potential gift for baby showers. It effortlessly fits into a range of baby gift ideas, bridging the gap between education and entertainment.

Each page of the book is a feast for the eyes, adorned with adorable depictions of animals that could be envisioned as pets. The illustrations are rendered in a warm and friendly style, inviting the baby to look and touch. The book features an array of creatures, including a wise elephant, a soft rabbit, a playful monkey, and a cheerful lion, each illustrated with a friendly demeanour to delight the baby.

The fabric of the book is robust and carefully stitched, ensuring that it can withstand being handled, bent, and explored by the baby. Its sturdiness is matched by the gentle textures within, allowing the baby to touch and feel without the risk of damaging the pages or the risk of paper cuts.

Incorporated into the book’s design is a built-in ring with a textured surface, ideal for attaching it to a stroller, crib, or car seat, making it a versatile and practical entertainment option for the baby.

The ‘I’d Like a Pet’ Cloth Book is not just visually stimulating but also an auditory delight, with pages that may crinkle upon touch. This feature adds an element of surprise and encourages the baby to interact more with the book, promoting both auditory and tactile development.

This book is lightweight and compact, making it an excellent choice for on-the-go entertainment. It can be easily packed in a diaper bag or hung from a pram, ensuring that it is always within reach when needed.

Dimensions (cm): 18 by 18