I’d Like a Pet Cloth Book


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They say: Raising kids is like walking in the park… Jurassic Park. Let’s meet the cute dinosaurs with this soft and colourful cloth book.

The “I’d Like a Pet” Cloth Book is perfect for newborns and as a potential gift for baby showers. It effortlessly fits into a range of baby gift ideas, bridging the gap between education and entertainment.

Constructed from soft and baby-friendly fabric, this cloth book introduces the concept of pets to infants. With engaging illustrations and easy-to-understand content, it fosters early language development and recognition skills. The pet-themed imagery not only holds an infant’s attention but also stimulates their visual senses and aids in cultivating an understanding of the world around them.

Interaction with the cloth book facilitates subtle stimulation of the child’s fine motor skills as they explore the pages. In addition, the tactile elements in the book contribute to their sensory development. The book’s design ensures safety, with no sharp corners or small detachable parts, providing a secure learning environment for the infant.

Lightweight and portable, the “I’d Like a Pet” Cloth Book is an excellent companion for on-the-go learning. It allows parents to engage their little ones productively, making every moment a learning opportunity.

Dimensions (cm): 18 by 18