Kaiby Blooms – Pink (Preserved Flowers)


A pretty bouquet for mummy

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The Kaiby Blooms – Pink represents a harmonious fusion of aesthetic elegance and lasting preservation, marking it as a unique offering in the realm of gifts for mummies, baby gifts, and newborn gift ideas. Crafted from flowers that have undergone a preservation process, this bouquet offers an enduring charm, distinguishing itself from traditional floral arrangements that require regular upkeep and have a limited lifespan. It can last for at least 6 months.

Incorporated with a palette primarily centred on shades of pink, the bouquet symbolises affection and tenderness, qualities often associated with motherhood and newborn care. Consequently, it has gained prominence as a preferred choice for baby showers, providing an ornate yet symbolic gift option for expectant mothers.

The art of flower preservation imbued in Kaiby Blooms contributes to its versatility and longevity. Preserved flowers require minimal maintenance, rendering them practical for busy new mothers juggling multiple responsibilities. Moreover, their durability makes them a meaningful keepsake that can be cherished for extended periods, unlike fresh flowers that wilt and lose their lustre over time.

Kaiby Blooms – Pink serves as both an ornamental masterpiece and a token of enduring affection, encapsulating a range of sentiments relevant to childbirth and maternal love. As such, it occupies a unique niche in the vast landscape of gift-giving, offering a blend of visual appeal, emotional resonance, and practical utility.

What are preserved flowers?

They look exactly like fresh flowers but can stay fresh-looking for at least 6 months. And in terms of texture, they’re indistinguishable from cut flowers too. A high-tech process is used to transform real flowers into beautiful display pieces that require almost no maintenance. And the technology is 100 percent eco-certified, meaning it meets stringent international environmental standards.