Kaiby Blooms (Preserved Flowers)


A pretty bouquet for mummy

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Kaiby Blooms presents a delightful ensemble of preserved flowers, elegantly assembled to create a lasting memento for any mother. This bouquet blends the everlasting beauty of a single rose with the textured diversity of complementary florals and foliage. The central rose, preserved at its peak, offers a vivid burst of colour, ensconced amidst the soft hues of hydrangeas and the organic softness of cotton bolls.

Accents of vibrant pink and verdant green from the accompanying botanicals enhance the bouquet’s visual appeal, while the subtle inclusion of baby’s breath adds a delicate touch. Each element is chosen not only for its aesthetic contribution but also for its durability, ensuring that this arrangement maintains its charm without the need for water or maintenance.

Wrapped in a tasteful combination of white and sky blue, the bouquet conveys a serene and joyful sentiment, making it an ideal gift. The careful curation of flowers signifies a thoughtful and considerate approach, perfect for expressing affection and appreciation towards new mothers or as a celebration of a newborn’s arrival.

Kaiby Blooms’ preserved flowers serve as a beautiful and tangible reminder of special moments and the timeless bond between a mother and her child. They are a unique choice among baby gifts, standing out as a symbol of nurturing and growth. Whether as gifts for newborn celebrations or simply to show care, these preserved blooms will be cherished for years to come.

The presentation of this bouquet is not just about visual beauty but also about creating a sensory experience. The texture of each flower, leaf, and stem invites one to feel and connect with nature’s artistry. It is a gift that resonates with the senses and remains a graceful presence in any space it adorns.

What are preserved flowers?

They look exactly like fresh flowers but can stay fresh-looking for at least 6 months. And in terms of texture, they’re indistinguishable from cut flowers too.

A high-tech process is used to transform real flowers into beautiful display pieces that require almost no maintenance. And the technology is 100 percent eco-certified, meaning it meets stringent international environmental standards.