Personalised Kaiby Name Blocks
Personalised Kaiby Name Blocks Close-Up
Personalised Kaiby Name Blocks Close-Up

Personalised Kaiby Name Blocks


Letter ” y, i & m ” are Out of Stock. Please do not choose this item if the baby’s name contain the letters.

Price stated is inclusive of up to 5 wooden name blocks.
Depending on the length of the name, more blocks can be added.

The Personalised Kaiby Name Blocks offer a unique and educational asset in the diverse domain of newborn gifts. These wooden blocks are laser-engraved with individual letters to spell out the child’s name, providing both an educational and entertaining experience. The blocks come in a natural wood color, adorned with varying woodgrains that add an element of organic beauty. These characteristics make them a popular choice for baby showers, as well as a frequent inclusion in compilations of newborn gift ideas.

Made from high-quality wood that is unpainted and without varnish, the Kaiby Name Blocks are designed with the safety of the little ones in mind. Each block has dimensions of 4 cm by 4 cm by 4 cm, making them an appropriate size for small hands to grasp, stack, and knock down. The blocks serve a dual purpose: they can be employed as a learning tool to help children recognize and spell their names, and also function as an attractive home decoration when not in active use. This dual functionality enhances their standing in the broad category of baby gifts.

The Personalised Kaiby Name Blocks offer a blend of aesthetic appeal, educational value, and personal customization, making them a standout option for those attending a baby shower or exploring newborn gift ideas.

Items: Up to 5 wooden blocks
 Natural wood colour with varying woodgrains.
Dimensions (cm): 4 by 4 by 4