Little Bear Baby Bib (Pink)


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The Little Bear Baby Bib (Pink) with an inner waterproof layer to maximise comfort, stands as a distinct and versatile option within the expansive realm of newborn gifts. Specifically designed with a charming bear design and rendered in a soft shade of pink, this product merges aesthetic appeal with everyday functionality, making it an ideal candidate for baby showers and a compelling addition to the list of newborn gift ideas.

Fabricated from absorbent materials, the Little Bear Baby Bib offers comfort and effectiveness. Its inner waterproof fabric layer ensures a gentle touch on a newborn’s sensitive skin, while helping to catch any spillage during meal times. These features elevate the product from a simple decorative item to a functional necessity among baby gifts, thereby catering to the practical needs of new parents.

The bib features an adjustable fastening mechanism, allowing it to adapt to the growing needs of the child. This ensures that the product not only serves immediate purposes but also provides sustained usability, a factor that sets it apart in the landscape of newborn gifts.

Whether you’re in search of a stylish yet practical baby shower present or exploring newborn gift ideas, this bib promises immediate utility and enduring appeal.

Material: 100% Cotton
Dimensions (cm):  27 by 19
Washing Instruction: Hand-wash in warm water