Mini Rabbit Cloth Book


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The Personalised Mini Rabbit Cloth Book is a bespoke infant toy that combines the tactile appeal of a soft toy with the early learning benefits of a cloth book. This item is designed to engage infants and toddlers in interactive play while offering a custom feature with the option for name embroidery, creating a personal touch. It makes a great gift for a newborn.

Crafted from a selection of child-friendly materials, the Mini Rabbit Cloth Book is created with attention to texture and durability. The cover features a plush rabbit face with soft, floppy ears, inviting interaction and sensory exploration. The materials used are gentle on baby’s skin and can withstand handling by curious little fingers.

The book comprises several pages of lightweight fabric, each with its own set of illustrations and activities. This design choice strikes a balance between engaging the child’s visual senses and providing a calm learning environment.

Inside, the cloth book contains varied textures and soft elements designed to foster sensory play. These can include crinkly pages, different fabrics, and attached squeaker, which support cognitive development by encouraging babies to explore through touch.

This cloth book is versatile in its uses; it can serve as a storybook for parent-child bonding time, a soft toy for independent play, or a learning tool for identifying shapes, colours, and textures. Its compact size and soft construction make it ideal for on-the-go entertainment, such as in prams or car seats.

Dimensions (CM): 12 x 11.5 x 1.5