Muslin Swaddle Blanket (Dinosaurs)


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The Muslin Swaddle Blanket (Dinosaurs) featuring dinosaur prints, such as Tyrannosaurus rex and Triceratops, carves out a unique niche in the expansive category of newborn gifts. Composed of a blend of 70% bamboo fiber and 30% cotton, the blanket offers a harmonious balance of softness and durability. This specific material combination makes it highly compatible with sensitive infant skin, reinforcing its credentials as an ideal choice for baby showers or inclusion in lists of newborn gift ideas.

Measuring 120 cm by 120 cm, the blanket is generously sized to facilitate comfortable swaddling while being easily manageable for caregivers. The dimensions also provide the flexibility for the blanket to serve other functions, such as a nursing cover or play mat, further broadening its utility in the array of baby gifts available.

A notable feature of the blanket is its washing instruction, which recommends hand-washing in water below 30℃. This guideline ensures the preservation of the fabric’s integrity and print quality, while also maintaining its hypoallergenic properties. This attention to detail addresses the practical considerations that new parents often face, thus adding value to the blanket as a thoughtful and practical choice.

The dinosaur-themed prints add a captivating visual dimension to the blanket, moving it beyond mere functionality to also serve as an object of aesthetic intrigue. This blend of practicality and visual appeal positions the Muslin Swaddle Blanket (Dinosaurs) as a compelling option in the realm of newborn gifts, whether for baby showers or as a researched addition to newborn gift ideas.

Material: 70% Bamboo Fiber, 30% Cotton
Dimensions (cm):  120 by 120
Washing Instruction: Hand-wash in water below 30℃