My First Book Cloth Book (Shapes & Colours)


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The “My First Book” Cloth Book, themed around Shapes & Colours, is a crafted educational toy targeted primarily towards infants. As a baby gift, it is suitable for baby showers and for welcoming newborns.

Designed to introduce the baby to shapes and colours through a playful and interactive format. This tactile book is created to stimulate the baby’s development in vision, hearing, and touch, offering a multi-sensory learning experience.

The book presents a range of shapes including circles, squares, and triangles, each depicted in a different colour to aid in the baby’s recognition of both shapes and colours. The colours are chosen for their visual impact and include primary colours that are some of the first the baby can see and respond to.

Each page is constructed with a soft, plush fabric, making it safe for the baby to handle and explore. The softness of the book ensures it can be a comforting object for the baby, while its sturdy build is designed to withstand curious hands and mouths.

Interactive elements are embedded throughout the book to captivate the baby’s attention. For instance, some shapes are created with a crinkly material that makes a sound when touched, serving as auditory stimulation. Others are made from materials with different textures, such as smooth, bumpy, or fuzzy, to provide tactile diversity and encourage the baby to touch and feel.

The cover of ‘My First Book’ features a friendly snail character with protruding eyes that create a three-dimensional effect. This character is not only visually appealing but also encourages the baby to reach out and interact with the book.

The book comes with a strap made of fabric with a pattern of tiny footprints, which can be used to attach the book to a stroller, crib, or car seat, ensuring it remains accessible for the baby. This makes the book an excellent companion for outings or travel, providing entertainment and educational value on the go.

Dimensions (cm): 17 by 17