Onigiri Baby Socks


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A specialised and endearing foot accessory designed for the 0 to 6-month age range. Exhibiting a mustard colour palette, these socks are adorned with the iconic onigiri (Japanese rice ball), adding a touch of whimsy and cultural flair to your baby’s ensemble. The socks are made from a high-quality material blend of 75.5% Cotton, 22.8% Nylon, and 1.7% Spandex, ensuring both comfort and durability for your newborn’s delicate feet.

As a standout gift option, the Onigiri Baby Socks are ideal for various occasions. Whether you are attending a baby shower, seeking newborn gift ideas, or simply wish to treat your own infant, these socks offer a perfect and unique solution. The combination of playful design and practical utility ensures that these socks are not only cute but also durable enough to withstand the daily adventures of babyhood.

Functionality is a key feature of these socks. The material blend provides a snug yet comfortable fit, reducing the chances of the socks slipping off—a common concern when it comes to baby socks. Additionally, the breathable cotton allows for good air circulation, ensuring that your child’s feet remain warm but not overly sweaty. Ideal for everyday wear, these socks also make an adorable accessory for themed photoshoots, capturing those precious early-life milestones. Add a pair to your gift list and introduce a touch of Japanese charm to a baby’s wardrobe.

Material: 75.5%Cotton, 22.8% Nylon, 1.7% Spandex
Size: 0 to 6 month