Personalised Bunny Comforter (Blue)


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The Personalised Bunny Comforter in Blue offers a unique blend of comfort and personal touch for the little one’s nursery. This bespoke item is tailored to include the name embroidery of your choice, making it a special keepsake for the child.

Constructed from carefully selected materials, the comforter is soft to the touch, ensuring it is pleasant for babies to hold and cuddle. The blue fabric is chosen for its calming properties and is paired with a delicate polka-dot bow, adding a touch of charm without overwhelming the design.

At the heart of this comforter is the plush bunny head, which is delicately stitched to the centre of the blanket. The facial features are embroidered with precision, creating a friendly and engaging expression. This detail provides a focal point for babies, often becoming a source of comfort and familiarity as they grow.

The personalisation aspect allows for the addition of a name, skilfully embroidered onto the blanket, offering a bespoke touch. This feature is not just decorative but also aids in the recognition and familiarity for the child, as they begin to identify and respond to their name.

Measuring a suitable size for small hands, the comforter includes knotted ends, designed for tactile stimulation and to aid in the development of grip and sensory skills. These knots are also a thoughtful feature, as they provide teething babies with a soft surface to chew on.

The fabric selection for the Personalised Mini Bunny Comforter is also practical. It is resilient enough to withstand frequent washes, essential for maintaining cleanliness. The colour and texture are chosen to endure the regular cleaning process without losing their appeal.

The Personalised Mini Bunny Comforter is not only a toy but also a practical item within a baby’s daily routine. It can serve multiple roles, from a comforting naptime buddy to a soothing companion during travel or times of change.

When it comes to gifting, the Bunny Comforter stands out  as an ideal present for baby showers, christenings, or as a welcoming gift for a new arrival. The design ensures it’s suitable for all babies, making it a thoughtful and inclusive choice.

Dimension (CM): 26 x 22