Personalised Comfy Rabbit (Blue)


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The Personalised Comfy Rabbit in blue is a bespoke accessory, designed to be a cherished companion for babies. This 25cm by 15cm item is compact and ideally sized for little hands to explore and hold. It features a plush rabbit head with a petite, blanket-like body ending in delicately knotted corners, providing tactile interest for the baby.

The rabbit head displays a serene, embroidered face with a sweet, welcoming expression, encouraging gentle play and providing comfort. The blue colour of the Comfy Rabbit is soft and soothing, making it suitable for all genders and fitting seamlessly into a variety of nursery decors.

The personalisation element of this Comfy Rabbit is subtle yet impactful, with the opportunity to embroider the baby’s name onto the fabric. The displayed name exemplifies the personal touch that can be added, offering a unique and thoughtful element that is perfect for gifting.

Materially, the Comfy Rabbit is constructed to be durable and easy to handle. It is lightweight and can easily become a constant companion for the baby, whether at home or while travelling. The size and design of the Comfy Rabbit suggest that it is easy to maintain and resilient to the regular affection of a young child.

This item is a delightful choice for those searching for baby gifts that are individualised and meaningful. The personalisation aspect makes it a standout selection for gifts for newborns, marking the significance of the occasion with a personalised keepsake.

Material: 100% Cotton
Dimensions (CM):
25 x 15