Personalised Comfy Rabbit (Peach)


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The Personalised Comfy Rabbit in peach offers a warm and gentle addition to any baby’s collection of playthings. This compact item, measuring 25cm by 15cm, is perfectly proportioned for small hands to grasp and explore. It features an endearing rabbit head with a soft, flat body, culminating in knotted corners that invite tactile discovery and play.

The face of the rabbit is delicately stitched, presenting a calm and friendly countenance to both soothe and engage the baby. The peach colour lends a contemporary and gender-neutral charm, fitting effortlessly into a variety of personal styles and nursery themes.

Personalisation is at the heart of this Comfy Rabbit’s design, allowing for the addition of the baby’s name to be embroidered onto the fabric, making each piece as unique as the child it belongs to. This bespoke touch is ideal for gifting, providing a distinctive and personalised present suitable for a range of celebratory occasions involving newborns.

Constructed with a focus on durability and ease of care, the materials selected for the Comfy Rabbit are suitable for the baby’s active use and frequent affection. The size and design suggest that the toy will maintain its shape and appeal through extensive cuddling and interaction.

This peach Personalised Comfy Rabbit is a thoughtful and memorable choice among baby gifts, offering a unique and personalised option for those seeking gifts for newborns. It represents a token of affection that can accompany the baby as a comforting figure during various activities and restful moments.

As an offering, the peach Comfy Rabbit is distinctively versatile, functioning both as a plaything and as a source of comfort for babies. It reflects an understanding of the need for simple, yet special items in a baby’s early life. The personalisation service transforms an already charming toy into a keepsake, capturing the essence of infancy in a way that is both meaningful and playful.

Material: 100% Cotton
Dimensions (CM):
25 x 15