Pink Baby Bib


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The Pink Baby Bib presents a functional and understated design essential for meal times with the baby. It features a soft pink hue, suitable for accompanying a variety of outfits, and is made from a material that is gentle against the baby’s delicate skin.

This bib offers practical coverage, designed to catch spills and protect clothing during feeding. The rounded shape ensures ample coverage without restricting the baby’s movements, allowing for comfortable and carefree eating. The secure fastening at the neck is designed to be easy to attach and adjust, ensuring a snug fit that stays in place, yet is gentle enough not to irritate the baby’s skin.

The simplicity of the design makes this bib a versatile addition to the baby’s essentials, suitable for everyday use. It is a thoughtful item within baby gifts, providing caregivers with a much-needed accessory that blends in with the baby’s wardrobe. The Pink Baby Bib is also appropriate as gifts for newborns, offering functionality and a dash of colour to the array of newborn essentials.

The bib’s subtle design ensures that it does not overshadow the baby’s attire but instead complements it. It serves as a practical barrier against the mess that often accompanies a baby’s exploration of new foods and self-feeding attempts.

This Pink Baby Bib stands as an example of a necessary item that combines practicality with a touch of soft elegance, making it a valuable and appreciated gift for any baby.

Material: Cotton
Dimensions (9CM): 19 x 27