Princess Headbands (Set of 3)


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The Princess Headbands set is a collection of three beautifully crafted headbands, each designed with a unique charm and elegance. This set includes a lilac band with a large flower, a peach band adorned with a patterned bow, and a pink lace band with a delicate bow, each featuring intricate details and soft fabrics suitable for the baby’s sensitive skin.

The lilac headband boasts a textured fabric flower with a bright yellow center, offering a bold statement piece that is both playful and stylish. The peach headband is more subtle, with a bow showcasing a cheerful fruit pattern, finished with a tiny rosette at the center for a touch of whimsy.

Completing the set, the pink lace headband is embellished with a bow that features an adorable black and pink flamingo pattern. The lace provides a vintage feel, making it a perfect accessory for dressy occasions or photo shoots.

This Princess Headbands set is a versatile choice for baby gifts, with designs that range from fun and vibrant to classic and sweet. They are a delightful accessory for dressing up the baby for special events, or simply adding a splash of fun to everyday outfits.

Each headband is designed with a comfortable fit in mind, ensuring they sit gently on the baby’s head without causing any discomfort. The elasticity of the bands allows them to stretch to fit securely, accommodating the baby’s growth.

These headbands make for an enchanting selection as gifts for newborns, offering a way to stylishly accessorize while capturing the innocence and charm of infancy. Whether used for a day out or for capturing memorable moments, these headbands add a special touch to the baby’s appearance.

The Princess Headbands (Set of 3) are more than just decorative items; they’re crafted keepsakes that can be cherished as the baby grows, making them a timeless and endearing addition to any collection of baby essentials.

Material: Polyester

Washing Instruction: Handwash
Size: 0 to 24 month