Sensory Rattle Ball


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The Sensory Rattle Ball is a vibrant and tactile toy designed to stimulate the baby’s senses and encourage playful learning. This multi-textured toy is an amalgamation of various fabrics and elements, each chosen to provide a unique sensory experience.

Featuring a cluster of soft, stuffed appendages protruding from a central sphere, the Sensory Rattle Ball offers a variety of grips for the baby to hold, pull, and squeeze. Each appendage is covered in different designs, patterned to solid, catering to the baby’s visual stimulation.

Incorporated within this sensory toy are elements that produce a gentle rattling sound. Enclosed beads in clear, durable plastic sections rattle when the toy is shaken, providing auditory stimulation. This sound is not overwhelming but soft enough to intrigue the baby’s curiosity without startling them.

The Sensory Rattle Ball is designed with high-contrast colours to engage the baby’s visual senses. The bright, bold patterns and the stark contrasts are visually stimulating and can help in the development of the baby’s ability to distinguish between different colours and shapes.

The lightweight design of the Sensory Rattle Ball makes it easy for the baby to manipulate, encouraging them to move their arms and reach out, which aids in developing gross motor skills. The toy’s structure also allows it to be attached to a cot or pram, ensuring it can be enjoyed both at home and while out and about.

The Sensory Rattle Ball is a delightful educational tool that provides a playful way for the baby to explore different sensory inputs. It is an ideal gift that offers a practical way to support the baby’s early development through sensory play.

Can you picture the joy in a baby’s eyes when this ball is unwrapped at a baby shower? It’s an innovative and thoughtful gift idea that will be appreciated by both parents and their little ones.

Washing Instruction: Hand-wash
Size: 0 to 12 month