Shiny Star Soothing Cloth (Dark Pink)


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A sensory comfort item designed for the baby’s tactile exploration and emotional reassurance. It features a plush, minky fabric known for its dotted texture, providing a stimulating touch experience for the baby. This star-shaped cloth is intentionally designed with an irregular, easy-to-grasp outline that encourages the baby to hold, clutch, and enjoy the softness of the material.

Strategically placed at one of the star’s points is a teether, shaped to resemble a star, attached securely to the cloth. This teether is made from a durable, baby-safe material that can withstand the rigours of use by teething infants. Its texture and firmness are suited to soothe the baby’s gums during the teething phase.

The soothing cloth comes with a variety of tags in different textures and colours, each providing a different sensory experience for the baby. The tags vary from satin to ribbon and include patterns to engage the baby’s interest in texture and colour contrast. These tags serve as an additional element of discovery, allowing the baby to fiddle, twiddle, and develop fine motor skills.

This product is crafted to be a comforting companion for the baby, providing a sense of security through its softness and interactive features. The Shiny Star Soothing Cloth’s thoughtful design and sensory attributes make it an excellent choice for baby gifts or as thoughtful gifts for newborn, suitable for both boys and girls.

Its portable size makes it convenient for the baby to carry along wherever they go, whether it’s in a stroller ride, car travel, or as an affectionate attachment during nap times. The cloth’s design allows it to be a discreet and reassuring presence for the baby, promoting comfort and calmness.

The star motif is a playful and imaginative touch, inviting the baby to a world of starry wonder. The selection of the dark pink colour offers a vibrant, yet calming visual appeal, standing out among the baby’s belongings.

Dimension (CM): 26.5 x 26.5