XL Wooden Rainmaker


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An enchanting auditory toy, thoughtfully crafted to captivate and soothe with the gentle sound of cascading beads. Standing tall, this sizable instrument is constructed with a clear cylinder encased in smooth, natural wood, allowing the colourful beads within to be seen as they spiral down the length of the toy, creating a rain-like sound.

As the baby tilts and turns the rainmaker, the beads tumble over wooden cross-sections, each shaped like gears with rounded edges for safety. This movement produces a soft, rhythmic sound reminiscent of a tranquil rainfall, providing an auditory experience that can calm and engage the baby.

The visual appeal of this toy is enhanced by the vibrant hues of the beads and the wooden gears, which not only serve as an aural delight but also as a tool for visual tracking. The baby can follow the beads’ descent, improving their ocular coordination and attention span.

Designed for small hands, the XL Wooden Rainmaker features an easy-to-grasp exterior, promoting the baby’s grip strength and dexterity. It encourages interaction and exploration, as the baby learns to manipulate the toy to produce different sounds, fostering an early appreciation for cause and effect.

This wooden rainmaker is an excellent choice for baby gifts, appealing to the natural curiosity and sensory development of infants. It is a fitting selection for gifts for newborns, providing a gentle and engaging stimulus that encourages both active play and quiet times.

The substantial size of the rainmaker ensures that it is a prominent and accessible piece in the baby’s play environment. It can be used during tummy time to promote head lifting or set upright for the baby to reach and interact with during seated play.

Beyond its play value, the XL Wooden Rainmaker is a visually appealing object that complements any nursery or playroom decor with its understated elegance and organic materials. It embodies a blend of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design.

Dimension (CM): 19.5 x 5.6