Baby Months Milestone Wooden Cards (Animals)

Baby Months Wooden Cards (Animals)


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The Baby Months Wooden Cards set, adorned with an array of animal illustrations, is a charming way to document the growth and milestones of a baby’s first year. Each card represents a month, from one to twelve, with additional cards to celebrate the first day, one hundred days, and the baby’s first Christmas.

Crafted from wood, these cards have a natural and warm feel, each one featuring a different animal that corresponds with the month’s number, adding an element of discovery and education as the baby grows. From the one-month card showcasing a majestic stag to the twelve-month card with a cute lion, the set encourages an early appreciation for wildlife.

The cards are designed with a combination of scripted and print typography, providing visual variety and an engaging look. Each card is also thoughtfully sized for visibility when taking photographs, making them ideal props for capturing monthly progress in a consistent and visually appealing way.

This set is an excellent choice for baby gifts, providing something unique and memorable for parents looking to chart the stages of their baby’s development. It also serves as an endearing gift for newborns, giving families a creative way to record and remember the early days that pass by so quickly.

The inclusion of the ‘Hello, I’m here’ card in the set allows for an introduction of the newborn to family and friends, making for a special moment to be captured and treasured. The cards come in a natural drawstring bag for safekeeping and easy storage.

The Baby Months Wooden Cards with animal illustrations are more than just a keepsake; they’re a way to celebrate each new stage with a touch of whimsy and warmth, making them a delightful and purposeful addition to any collection of newborn necessities.

Includes: 17 wooden pieces and a pouch