Baby Months Milestone Wooden Cards

Baby Months Wooden Cards


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The Baby Months Wooden Cards set is a beautifully crafted collection designed to celebrate and document the monthly milestones of a baby’s first year. Each disc is delicately engraved with the number of months from one through twelve, offering a natural and timeless way to capture the growth of the baby.

These cards are made from a durable wood, ensuring they can be used as a long-lasting memento. The smooth finish and natural grain of the wood give the set an organic feel, while the detailed leaf motifs add a touch of elegance to each card. The ‘Hello world’ introduction card and a specific card to fill out the baby’s name, date, weight, and height upon arrival make the set even more special.

Measuring suitably for photography, these wooden cards can be placed next to the baby to mark each monthly anniversary, creating a consistent and charming theme for photos that families will cherish. The cards are also a unique prop for creative and personalized baby portraits.

This set is a thoughtful addition to the range of baby gifts, offering a unique and heartwarming way to record the early, fleeting moments of a baby’s life. It is a lovely gift for newborns, encapsulating the anticipation of watching them grow through the days and months.

The Baby Months Wooden Cards come in a serene, natural wood color that complements any background or baby outfit, ensuring the baby remains the focal point of the milestone photographs. The simplicity of the design allows these cards to blend seamlessly into any nursery decor, be it modern, traditional, or whimsical.

Presenting both aesthetic appeal and practical functionality, the Baby Months Wooden Cards set is a gift that can be treasured as part of the family’s keepsakes, offering a charming and organic option to mark each stage of a newborn’s journey.

Includes: 14 wooden pieces