Bunny Comforter (Blue)


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This enchanting baby toy merges the joy of playtime with the comfort of a snuggle buddy, all while being designed with the utmost safety and quality in mind.

Crafted with the soft, baby-friendly materials, this comforter is gentle enough for the most delicate of skins. The serene blue colour is not just visually appealing, but it also instils a sense of calm and peace, making it an ideal accessory for bedtime or nap time. Safety is paramount in the design of the Bunny Comforter; it features an embroidered face to avoid any loose parts, ensuring it’s safe even for newborns.

At a size that’s perfect for tiny hands, the Bunny Comforter is easy to hold and explore. Its floppy ears and knotted corners are not just adorable but serve as tactile elements for babies to touch and feel. These features are excellent for encouraging the development of fine motor skills and sensory awareness, which are critical in the early stages of a child’s growth.

Understanding the needs of busy parents, this comforter is constructed to endure. The fabric is both durable and washable, maintaining its colour and softness wash after wash. This ensures the Bunny Comforter remains a hygienic and constant companion for your baby over time.

The versatility of the Bunny Comforter is another of its strengths. It’s equally at home in a cot, a pram, or even on a car journey, providing your little one with a sense of familiarity and comfort wherever they go. Lightweight and portable, it’s an excellent choice for families on the move.

When it comes to gifting, the Bunny Comforter stands out  as an ideal present for baby showers, christenings, or as a welcoming gift for a new arrival. The design ensures it’s suitable for all babies, making it a thoughtful and inclusive choice.

Dimension (CM): 26 x 22