Wooden Baby Rattle


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The Wooden Baby Rattle is a piece of craftsmanship designed in a dumbbell shape, primarily aimed at captivating and entertaining infants. As a natural and timeless baby gift, it is suitable for occasions such as baby showers.

This toy is constructed with an appreciation for simplicity and tradition. The warm, smooth grain of the wood appeals to the baby’s developing sense of touch, while the gentle clacking of the rings offers auditory stimulation. The rattle’s movement encourages the baby to explore cause and effect, as they discover the sounds created by their own actions.

The Wooden Baby Rattle’s construction takes into account the safety and comfort of the baby. Each component is sanded to a smooth finish, ensuring no sharp edges or splinters. The size and shape of the rattle are optimised for small hands to grasp and shake with ease, aiding in the development of grip and coordination.

As a natural and eco-friendly choice, this rattle stands out for its understated beauty and tactile qualities. It’s free from bright colours and electronic sounds, providing a sensory experience rooted in the natural world, which can be a comforting presence in the baby’s environment.

When considering gifts for a new arrival, this Wooden Baby Rattle can be a thoughtful inclusion in a gift box, bringing together practicality and aesthetic appeal. It’s a piece that’s not just a plaything but also a keepsake, with the potential to be passed down through generations.

Selecting this rattle as a gift reflects an understanding of the value of craftsmanship and sustainable materials in the baby’s playtime. It is an item that resonates with the movement towards more mindful and environmentally conscious baby gifts, offering the dual benefits of entertainment and heirloom quality.

Colour: Natural wood colour with varying woodgrains.
Material: Beech Wood
Dimensions (cm): 
14 by 6 by 2