Comfy Mini Bunny


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The Comfy Mini Bunny is a plush toy that offers a comforting presence for the baby. Designed with attention to detail, this toy combines a soft, huggable body with sensory elements to provide a soothing experience for the baby.

The bunny’s body is made from a gentle fabric, chosen for its texture which is pleasant to the baby’s touch. The long, floppy ears feature a contrasting striped pattern, providing visual interest and aiding in the development of the baby’s focus and recognition skills. The tactile contrast between the smooth inner ear fabric and the plush outer body encourages the baby to explore different sensations.

This toy’s thoughtful design includes knotted corners, creating easy-to-grasp points that the baby can hold, pull, and chew on. The knots also serve as a gentle teething aid for the baby during their teething phase. The lightweight design of the Comfy Mini Bunny ensures that it is an ideal companion for the baby, easy to handle even with the smallest of hands.

The bunny’s facial features are embroidered, adding a friendly face to the toy while also ensuring there are no small parts or attachments that could pose a safety risk. This makes the Comfy Mini Bunny suitable for the baby to cuddle with during nap time, providing a sense of security and companionship.

The size of the Comfy Mini Bunny is perfect for the baby to hold and carry around, making it a great toy for both at home and on the go. It can easily be attached to a pram or cot, becoming a familiar and comforting item for the baby no matter where they are.

The Comfy Mini Bunny is a practical gift choice for any occasion, such as a baby shower or a first birthday. Its neutral colour palette and classic design make it a suitable toy for all babies, offering a timeless appeal.

In choosing the Comfy Mini Bunny, one provides the baby with a toy that is comforting, safe, and engaging. It is a plush companion that supports sensory development, eases the teething process, and brings a cosy charm to the baby’s daily routine.

Material: Polyester
Dimensions (cm):
33 x 20
Washing Instruction: Machine-washable (Gentle mode)