Dinosaur Fun Cloth Book


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They say: Raising kids is like walking in the park… Jurassic Park. Let’s meet the cute dinosaurs with this soft and colourful cloth book.

The Dinosaur Fun Cloth Book is an interactive fabric book that introduces the baby to the prehistoric world of dinosaurs in a playful and educational manner. Designed to be a sensory toy, it offers a combination of brightly coloured illustrations and a variety of textures that are safe for babies to explore.

As the baby turns each page, they are met with a parade of dinosaur illustrations, presented in a friendly and approachable cartoon style. The dinosaurs are rendered in a spectrum of colours and sizes, stimulating visual development and helping the baby distinguish between different shapes and hues. The book features a range of species, from the mighty T-Rex to the horned Triceratops, each dinosaur is designed to be baby-friendly and approachable.

The fabric of the book is sturdy and resilient, capable of withstanding the baby’s energetic play. Each page is made with a soft, padded material, ensuring a safe experience as the baby handles, touches, and chews on the book. The pages include a variety of interactive elements such as flaps, which the baby can lift to discover more dinosaurs hiding underneath, promoting curiosity and cognitive development.

Attached to the book are several tags and teething corners, each featuring a distinct texture and colour. These are perfect for the baby to grasp and chew on, especially during teething periods, and aid in the development of motor skills. The various fabric tags and extensions also make it easy for little hands to turn the pages.

In conclusion, the Dinosaur Fun Cloth Book is a delightful educational gift for the baby. It encourages interactive play and learning, making it a valuable tool for introducing the baby to the wonders of the ancient world while supporting their sensory development and early learning skills.

Pages:  8 (inclusive of cover and back)
Dimensions (cm): 18.5 by 15 by 3
Material: Polyester