Mini Busy Boards (Set of 3)


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Let the little fingers work hard by zipping, buttoning and tying the shoelaces.

The Mini Busy Boards set, consisting of three uniquely designed boards, is a thoughtful educational toy that serves as a perfect birthday gift for toddlers and preschoolers. Crafted with attention to quality and child-friendly aesthetics, these busy boards offer a rich array of activities that can keep children engaged while fostering their developmental skills.

The boards in this set feature lovable animal characters such as a bear and a squirrel. There is also a miniature shoe, complete with laces for tying and untying, introducing the baby to the concept of dressing and self-help skills. It’s an excellent way for the baby to practice the dexterity required for tying shoes, an essential milestone in their development.

The squirrel board presents a zippered vest, allowing the baby to zip and unzip, an action that not only fascinates but also strengthens finger grip and coordination. Meanwhile, the bear board offers a compact jacket with buttons, challenging the baby to match and secure the buttons, enhancing their problem-solving skills and hand-eye coordination.

The selection of activities on these boards mimics real-world challenges, providing an authentic and practical learning experience. Engaging with these boards helps the baby grasp the basics of everyday tasks while also serving as a fun pastime that keeps them occupied and content.

Constructed from sturdy, durable materials, these boards are designed to withstand the curiosity and playfulness of babies. The size of the boards is perfect for little hands, making it easy for babies to handle and interact with the various elements. The bright colours and friendly animal faces are visually stimulating, helping to keep the baby’s attention focused on the activities.

The Mini Busy Boards come in a set of three, making them a great choice for baby gifts or gifts for newborns, offering variety and entertainment. They are also suitable for on-the-go entertainment, easily fitting into a diaper bag or stroller pocket, ensuring that the baby has a stimulating activity at hand during outings.

This set encourages independent play and exploration, fostering a sense of achievement as the baby learns to master each new task. It’s a thoughtful addition to any baby’s toy collection, providing a combination of learning and play that parents can appreciate. The Mini Busy Boards set is not just another toy; it’s a fun and interactive stepping stone in a baby’s developmental journey.

Material: Wood
Dimensions (cm):  23.5 by 12, 22 by 10.5, 19 by 10