Numeric Locks & Keys

Numeric Locks & Keys


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The Numeric Locks & Keys set is a distinctive educational toy designed to provide children with engaging hands-on experience while promoting the development of numerous essential skills. Often considered a valuable birthday gift, it finds a unique place in a myriad of gift ideas for its engaging design and educational potential.

Consisting of a collection of locks, each marked with a numeric value, and corresponding keys, the Numeric Locks & Keys set provides a matching exercise that requires children to associate the correct key with the appropriate lock. The act of unlocking fosters fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and logical thinking.

Constructed from durable and child-friendly materials, the set is designed to withstand prolonged use, ensuring safety for children. It’s colourful appearance not only adds visual appeal but also aids in the recognition and learning of numbers.

The toy serves multiple educational purposes. While entertaining children, it also introduces them to the basic concepts of numbers and counting. The tactile experience of matching keys to locks further strengthens their understanding and retention of these concepts.

As a gift, the Numeric Locks & Keys set offers both entertainment and learning opportunities. It is an engaging tool that can spark curiosity and encourage a love for numbers and problem-solving. Its broad appeal makes it a favourite among parents, educators, and gift-givers who are seeking both fun and educational birthday gift ideas.

The Numeric Locks & Keys set stands out as a versatile and thoughtful gift choice. Its unique blend of entertainment and education offers children an enjoyable way to explore numbers and develop essential skills, making it an ideal option for those in search of meaningful and stimulating gift ideas.

Items: 10 set of locks and keys