Mini Cloth Book Set (3 Books)


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The Mini Cloth Book Set is a collection of three fabric books, each designed to offer the baby a unique and stimulating learning experience. These compact books are fashioned with bright, primary colours and simple, high-contrast designs to engage the baby’s attention and foster visual development.

The first book in the set features a bold smiley face on a black and white background, a design that caters to the baby’s ability to see high-contrast images. Such visual stimulation is crucial in the early months as it can help to develop the baby’s eyesight. The distinct smiley face is not only visually stimulating but also introduces the baby to basic emotional expressions.

The second book is an exploration of shapes and colours. It displays primary shapes such as hearts and circles in vibrant red, blue, and yellow hues. This book is tailored to teach the baby about different shapes and their names, as well as basic colours, which are among the first concepts that babies can perceive and learn.

The third book in the set celebrates the spectrum of colours with a series of pages each dedicated to a colour of the rainbow. This book not only helps the baby to differentiate between colours but also works as an introduction to the concept of sequencing and the natural phenomenon of rainbows.

Each book is made from a soft, plush material, making them safe and suitable for the baby to handle, bite, and touch. The edges and corners are rounded and padded for added safety. The fabric is chosen for its durability and texture, providing a tactile experience for the baby’s hands and mouth as they explore the world around them.

Interactive elements are incorporated throughout the books. Some pages crinkle when touched, providing auditory stimulation and an element of surprise for the baby. The textures on the pages are varied, from smooth to rough, to support tactile learning and sensory development.

The Mini Cloth Book Set is designed with portability in mind. Each book is lightweight and compact, making them easy to carry along in a diaper bag or attach to a stroller, ensuring that they are readily available whether at home or on the move.

This set of books is an educational tool that supports the baby’s cognitive development by stimulating their senses. It offers a simple yet effective way to introduce early learning concepts in a playful, interactive manner.

The Mini Cloth Book Set makes an ideal newborn gift, offering the perfect blend of educational and sensory stimulation for babies. A must-have addition to any newborn’s library.

Dimensions (cm):  10 by 10 by 3