Mini Colourful High Contrast Cards


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Picture cards featuring patterns, shapes and objects on both sides to stimulate a baby’s senses.

Lay 3-4 cards on the mat while baby is doing tummy time. Let baby spend a few minutes looking at the pictures and touch/hold the cards. Contrasting colourful patterns stimulate sense of sight.

The Mini Colourful High Contrast Cards are a set of visually stimulating squares designed to engage and nurture the baby’s visual perception. These cards feature a collection of high-contrast images in a palette of bright, bold colours set against distinctly coloured backgrounds, ensuring that each figure stands out to the baby’s developing eyesight.

Each card offers the baby a clear and engaging image to focus on. The contrast of colours not only pleases the eye but also supports cognitive development, as the baby learns to distinguish different shapes and colours.

The cards are crafted with rounded edges and are of a size suitable for the baby to handle, allowing them to practice grasping and coordination as they play. As the baby interacts with the cards, they are encouraged to reach out and explore, aiding in their motor skill development.

This collection of Mini Colourful High Contrast Cards is an excellent choice for newborn gifts, providing a multi-sensory experience that supports early visual development. The cards can be used in various settings, whether laid out before the baby during tummy time, propped up within view in a cot, or held by a caregiver during interactive play.

The playful imagery on the cards can serve as an introduction to the world around them, with everyday objects and cheerful scenes that can be narrated by an adult, enhancing language skills and recognition in a natural, relaxed manner.

For those assembling a gift box for a baby shower or celebrating the arrival of a newborn, these cards make for a delightful inclusion. They are easy to store and transport, making them a convenient accessory for stimulating play at home or while travelling.

In addition to their visual appeal, the Mini Colourful High Contrast Cards also offer an opportunity for early learning. The variety of images can spark the baby’s curiosity and become a focal point for early learning conversations, helping to build a foundation for recognition and naming of different objects.

The cards serve as a versatile tool in the baby’s daily activities, providing entertainment, education, and developmental support. They are a simple yet effective way to introduce the baby to a world of colours, shapes, and images, enriching their playtime with visual discovery and fun.

Colour: Multiple
40 pieces
Dimensions (cm): 
14 by 14