Mini Pop-It Baby Phone


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Constructed from soft silicone and featuring bright colours, this charming baby toy stimulates the child’s senses, providing endless hours of sensory entertainment while also encouraging the development of fine motor skills. An excellent gift option for newborns, meriting inclusion in any list of baby shower gifts.

The Mini Pop-It Baby Phone is a sensory toy that combines the fascination of pop-it fidgets with the form of a contemporary smartphone, tailored for the baby to engage with a device that mimics the look of an object they often see adults using.

Constructed from silicone, this toy features a column of buttons in various shades of grey and brown. Each button is embossed with a different symbol or number, much like a real phone’s keypad, providing the baby with an array of textures to explore. The silicone material is chosen for its resilience and ease of cleaning, as well as for being soft to the touch.

The Mini Pop-It Baby Phone is designed to stimulate the baby’s developing senses. The push-and-pop action of the buttons offers tactile feedback and can help to refine the baby’s fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. The gentle popping sound engages the baby’s auditory senses, while the act of pressing the buttons can introduce them to cause and effect.

Colour contrasts have been carefully selected to provide visual stimulation without being overwhelming, aiding in the development of the baby’s visual tracking. The size of the phone is suitable for small hands, allowing the baby to hold and interact with the toy easily.

This toy is lightweight and portable, making it an ideal choice for on-the-go entertainment. It can easily be carried in a nappy bag or stroller, providing a distraction and a piece of familiar play equipment for the baby no matter where they are.

The Mini Pop-It Baby Phone is an innovative toy that provides sensory play and practicality. It is suitable for a variety of gift-giving occasions and is especially fitting for families who prefer sensory-rich and non-electronic toys for their children.

Material: Food-grade Silicon and Plastic
Dimensions (cm): 8 x 12