My First Book Cloth Book (Animals)


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‘My First Book’ Cloth Book (Animals) is a colourful and interactive fabric book designed to introduce the baby to the animal kingdom. This engaging book combines bright illustrations of animals with tactile and auditory features to encourage the baby’s sensory development.

On the cover, a cheerful lion greets the baby with a friendly face, surrounded by a lush, patterned border featuring leaves and animal silhouettes. The cover sets the tone for the adventure within, where the baby is introduced to a variety of animals in different habitats.

Inside, the book showcases a vibrant collection of animals, including a tall giraffe, a sly fox, and other wildlife. Each animal is depicted in a stylised, simple form, making them easily recognisable for the baby. The illustrations are designed to be visually appealing to the baby’s developing sight and encourage the recognition of different animal forms.

The book is crafted with a range of fabrics, creating varied textures for the baby to touch. From the lion’s mane to the giraffe’s spots, each page offers a different tactile experience. This variety of textures aids in tactile differentiation and helps the baby develop their sense of touch.

Additionally, the book includes auditory elements. Certain pages produce a gentle, crinkling sound when handled, providing auditory stimulation and adding an element of interactive play. This feature is designed to pique the baby’s curiosity and keep them engaged with each turn of the page.

Each page is edged with durable, soft fabric, ensuring that it is safe for the baby to handle. The binding of the book is secure, allowing for repeated use without the risk of pages becoming loose. The book also includes a fabric loop with a pattern of animal footprints, which can be used to attach the book to a stroller or crib, making it easy to keep the book within the baby’s reach.

The design of ‘My First Book’ Cloth Book (Animals) is both playful and educational, encouraging the baby to explore the pages, grasp the different materials, and learn about animals. The book’s construction is robust, with careful consideration given to the use of non-toxic and baby-safe materials.

Dimensions (cm): 17 by 17