Sensory Tissue Box


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The Sensory Tissue Box offers an imaginative twist on the classic game of peekaboo with tissues. Its bus-themed design is filled with friendly animal characters, making it a standout baby shower gift or a delightful surprise in a newborn gift box.

This toy is designed to enhance the baby’s sensory development through the use of various fabrics and colours. Each ’tissue’ is a square of soft cloth with different colours, which the baby can pull out of the box one by one. The act of pulling and feeling the tissues helps develop fine motor skills and tactile awareness.

The bright yellow ‘Happy Bus’ design of the box is engaging, with clear windows revealing a koala, a rabbit, and other cute creatures looking out. These designs are not only visually stimulating but also encourage the baby’s curiosity about the characters and their stories.

The top of the bus, where the tissues are pulled from, is soft and safe for the baby to interact with. It allows the tissues to be easily grabbed and pulled by little hands, encouraging repetitive play that is crucial for skill development in infants.

As a tool for imaginative play, the Sensory Tissue Box can be used in various games, such as filling and emptying the box, which can teach the baby about object permanence and volume. It’s a toy that grows with the baby, offering new ways to learn and play as they develop.

The Sensory Tissue Box is crafted from child-friendly materials, ensuring it is safe for the baby to handle extensively. Its sturdy construction means that it can withstand the enthusiastic play of young children, making it a reliable and lasting addition to the baby’s toy collection.

When presented as part of a gift box, the Sensory Tissue Box offers not only a toy but an experience. It’s a thoughtful and inventive option for those looking for gifts that are out of the ordinary, providing a unique and enjoyable sensory adventure for the baby.

Items: 1 x Tissue Box, 8 x Colourful Scarfs
Dimensions (cm): 17 by 13 by 10 (box)