Slient Night Baby Stroller Mobile


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A charming and engaging accessory for the baby’s stroller. Designed with monochrome patterns and a range of dangling soft toys, this mobile is created to provide visual and tactile stimulation for the baby during stroller rides.

The mobile features a striking umbrella-style canopy with a high-contrast black and white design, which is known to be visually stimulating for infants whose colour perception is still developing. This design ensures that it catches the baby’s eye and encourages visual tracking skills as the mobile gently moves.

Suspended from the canopy are a variety of plush toys: a cloud, a star, and a cylindrical rattle with polka dots. Each toy is crafted with a friendly face, inviting the baby to focus on and follow them. The cloud and star are soft to the touch and have embroidered details, providing a gentle texture for the baby to explore.

The cylindrical rattle is designed with black and white polka dots and contains a transparent ring with colourful beads. When shaken, the beads create a gentle rattling sound that is soothing and can serve as auditory feedback for the baby’s actions. This rattle is also textured for tactile exploration and is ideal for the baby to grasp and hone fine motor skills.

A striking feature of this mobile is its silent movement. The toys sway gently without any mechanical noise, ensuring that the baby’s auditory environment remains calm and undisturbed. This feature makes the Silent Night Baby Stroller Mobile suitable for use not only during the day but also for evening strolls, helping to maintain a peaceful atmosphere for the baby.

The mobile is fitted with a sturdy clamp that can be easily attached to a variety of stroller models. The clamp is designed to be secure yet gentle on stroller materials, ensuring the mobile stays in place without damaging the stroller.

Overall, the Silent Night Baby Stroller Mobile is a delightful addition to the baby’s stroller, providing entertainment and developmental benefits. It encourages sensory exploration and can be a comforting presence for the baby during outdoor adventures.

Dimensions (cm): 17.5 (Diameter of top), 34 (Total length when hung)