Wooden Toaster Set


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The Wooden Toaster Set is a playful and sturdy addition to a toddler’s collection of play kitchen accessories. This set features a pastel green toaster with a working lever and clicking dial, allowing the child to simulate the toasting process. Accompanied by two fabric-dressed jars, one in vibrant red and the other in a sunny yellow, these add a pop of colour and texture to the set. The jars are adorned with delicate labels, giving them a lifelike charm.

Included in the set are two slices of wooden toast that fit perfectly into the toaster slots. The toast can be ‘popped’ up using the lever, mimicking a real toaster’s function. This interactive feature is not only fun but also assists in developing the child’s motor skills and understanding of cause and effect.

Additionally, the set comes with a plate and butter dish, complete with three slices of wooden butter, each with a velcro patch that allows them to stick together. A wooden knife completes the set, enabling the child to practice spreading butter on the toast, which aids in the development of hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

The Wooden Toaster Set is designed with a simplicity that encourages imaginative play, prompting the child to create their own breakfast scenarios. The elements of the set are sized for toddler hands, ensuring easy grasp and manipulation while also being robust enough to withstand enthusiastic play.

Ideal for a playroom or nursery, this toy set serves as a thoughtful option for birthday gifts, especially suited as first birthday gifts, which can introduce the concepts of cooking and meal preparation in a playful and safe environment. It can be a standalone gift or an excellent complement to other play kitchen equipment, broadening the scope of creative play.

The design is clean and modern, with muted colours and polka-dot accents that are aesthetically pleasing. This Wooden Toaster Set encourages role-playing and storytelling, giving the child an opportunity to engage in solo or group play, enhancing social skills, and encouraging sharing and cooperation with others. It’s a charming set that offers both educational value and entertainment, fostering a child’s imagination and creative thinking.